DJ Tony Smith

Disco’s Influence on My Style as DJ and Producer

Disco songs offered a variety of messages. As in Machine’s “There But for the Grace of God Go I”.

Disco also gave us distinct and instantly recognized voices — Teddy, Luther, Stevie, Aretha, Gloria, and Donna. Many of today’s artists, though, no longer offer that individuality. With Auto-Tune masking their ability, they tend to sound more alike – and less like real artists.

Here are some illustrations —

Well, I still like singers who actually can sing – back in the day as well as right now.

Disco also helped shape my appreciation for melody, message, and voice … elements I still reflect in everything I play, as well as in the songs I produce.

Tony Smith

March 23rd, 2014



  1. Julio Alicea says:

    Thank You! Vaya!!!

  2. Jerry Santiago says:

    Totally agree with your comments. I think Disco got a bad rap when the industry tried to commercialize it. A great song is is great song. Disco has so much diversity. It can be beat driven, percussive, jazzy and melodic. The strings and horns are always a favorite for me. I love the simplicity of your mixes and how good it sounds. I think today too many dj’s overthink it. It’s all about good music and keeping the people dancing. You are a master at that.

  3. Edward Colon says:

    Whats up Tony? Its been a long time bro. Good to see you’re still spinning. God bless.

  4. Richard Zellars says:

    Dear Mr. Smith/ It not often that i get an opportunity to write to people to let them know that there music make me remember those great time. I live in philly and listen to one of your mixes on The love i lost phila. international.
    It is not easy to get mixes you hear today. But, as a great admirer of House music it give me great pleasure to write you, and request whether or not have you put out a cds of your mixes. From the Garage days to the present i still play music. i would deeply appreciate if you would response to my email just to said no. Thanks 2nd notice

  5. Tony, that mix you put up today august 25th. was super hot. there are two tracks I need to know about. 1 sounds like a edit of JUST AS LONG AS I GOT YOU. it had some accapella, and horns…wow. Can you help me out with the playlist. thanks in advance for your help. a fan…SHAUN T.

  6. Tony you did a mix in August of this year where you played a edited version of “JUST AS LONG AS I GOT YOU” can I have that playlist. There were a couple of songs that I have to have. Thanks in advance. STJ

  7. Tony Saturno says:

    Tony you make every mix sound like it was mentally to be there all the time. You go back into time and tell a story with your mixed. Keep up the great music BRO

  8. Tony i missed your tonight’s show can you please send a copy if you can thanks

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