So this week it’s time for the Funhouse faithful to get their first “Classic Beats & Rhythms” show of 2020. I had so much fun playing at the Funhouse (1984-86) because it was a challenge keeping the Manhattan webos, Bronx B-boys, Brooklyn kick dancers, Funhouse buggas and the girls all happy til 6-7am. I was surprised at the crowd’s willingness to dance to music that came out before they were born. That meant I could be as creative as I wanted to! 😁

My shout outs: Danny Krivit for creating a special exclusive mix of “Rock The House” just for me and the Funhouse kids in 1985.
Arthur Baker who produced more Funhouse music than anyone else.
My new edit of “It’s Just Begun” that I created on the fly while mixing this show.
Last but not least to Jellybean who got me the job at Funhouse. JB used to sneak out of the club to meet up with Madonna and I would take over without the owners having a clue! 😉

Hope you can tune in and listen to my new “Classic Beats & Rhythms” Funhouse mix on Sirius XM Studio 54 channel 54 @ 9pm EST Tonight and on Monday @ 2am EST! And in case you miss tonight’s show, it will be on my Mixcloud page next Tuesday!